Baby Love: Author Ishe’ Hollins and Elahi’


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iSHE' & Elahi'

Introduce yourself!
My name is Ishe’. I am a Creative Visionary! An Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Natural Hair Ambassador, Author and Mommy! I have dedicated over 18 years to educating and empowering through the arts and my purpose is to inspire people (specifically young girls and women) to celebrate their authenticity, creativity, and inner beauty.

iSHE' 1

I taught dance through out my pregnancy, until my 8th month, when my students “made me sit my butt down!” I started teaching again 2 months after giving birth, and my daughter’s been in the dance studio with me ever since then! She loves it! She’s also a “studio baby”. I recorded an album while I was pregnant with her, and she’s featured on my Lullaby Album Cocoa Honey Gold Baby. As an Artist, often my work requires me to travel, so my daughter has gotten used to having a “traveling mother” as well.

I was born and raised in the Sunshine State of San Diego, CA (10 minutes away from Mexico) and my home away from home is Brooklyn, New York where I have also lived.

Are you a married mom, a single mom?
I am a “single mother” with an amazing support system! So much support that I often feel guilty calling myself a “single mother” because I don’t do it by myself! Yes, I gave birth to my daughter but my mom, sisters and close friends have all taken a significant part in loving, raising, nurturing and cultivating my daughter’s brilliance! I cherish my support system and never take it for granted.

Tell us about your daughter?
My daughter Elahi’ is 11 years old. She’s the sweetest, most considerate, compassionate and fearless person I know! At the tender age of 11 she’s already taken college courses, given speeches, performed in front of large audiences and written a kids column on a blog! She’s also an award winning writer, a master fashion designer in the making and she wrote and recorded the song Fly on my Lullaby Album Cocoa Honey Gold Baby! She’s super awesome! She’s a special child, with a rare understanding that her mother is also a Woman with dreams, hopes, and aspirations of her own. 2 years ago I went on my 1st musical tour, and there I was, packing and crying lol  I felt guilty about leaving her. And she walked over to me and said “Mommy why are you crying? Don’t cry Mommy, your living your dreams” And she wiped my tears! (I tear up every time I tell this story) But that’s how special my baby is!


Why did you write Sol the Super Hairo?
I wrote Sol the Super Hairo to remind us all that each and every one of us was born an original! To remind ‘us’ that each and every one of us is a ‘One of  a Kind’ and to remind ‘us’ that when we look in the mirror, we should see a MASTERPIECE looking back at us!


How did you find an illustrator? A publisher?
I wrote and illustrated Sol the Super Hairo myself! I am also blessed to have an extremely gifted family. My book was published by Heart Love Publications, a publishing company that my sister Sherehe’ Roze’ owns. My book has international distribution, so it can be purchased word wide via

What has the response to the book been thus far?
I just finished my 1st Book Tour this past August in New York and the response has been wonderful from children and parents of all ethnicities and diverse backgrounds! I’ve utilized social networks and word of mouth to promote the book, and it has already received international and national acclaim.

What do you want your daughter to learn from the book?
I want Sol the Super Hairo to remind my daughter how powerful she is!  And remind her that she was meant to stand out and not blend in! At the end of the day, I want Sol the Super Hairo to constantly remind my daughter that she is a MASTERPIECE! As a mother, I know that it is essential to validate and celebrate a child’s unique natural beauty, especially when un-natural beauty has sadly become the norm for young  girls and women. Sol the Super Hairo is about embracing and celebrating your natural self…In ALL of  your glory!


Where can we find you online?
You can support Sol the Super Hairo here:
You can listen to and download my Cocoa-Honey-Gold-Baby Lullaby Album here:
Tweet me at:
Email: [email protected]


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