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Have We Been Conditioned to Panic? 3 Myths About Pregnancy Over 35 Debunked

About a month after my 30th birthday, an elderly woman, who was admiring my 2-week-old daughter, asked my age and if I’d had any other children. When I told her this baby was my first, she warned, “Do your best to take care of your little girl because you might not have another one.” I…

Didan Ashanta

About Didan Ashanta

Didan Ashanta is the author of "Jamaican Green Smoothies" and a LifeDesigner who blogs about eating your way to vibrant health at A native of Jamaica, she currently lives in the Tokyo, Japan with her husband and 3-yr-old daughter.

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Natural Hair Blogger Curly Nikki Shares About Her Miscarriage

Studies show that up to 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, yet it’s something that we don’t often talk about. Top hair blogger Curly Nikki surprised her fans when she revealed the details of her recent miscarriage. Her thoughts are re-posted here with permission. I know I’ve been ghost. And there’s a good reason… so…


About Leila

Leila is the founding editor of Baby and Blog. She splits her time between editing hair and culture site, Black Girl with Long Hair, whipping up butters at BGLH Marketplace, and writing here. She adores her husband and two kids, her parents and her friends. But she hates Chicago weather although she is slowly coming to peace with it...

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