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New Studies Show the “Crack Baby” Was a Media Myth Designed to Frighten Whites and Criminalize Black Children

When you hear the term “crack baby, ” you might picture the movie Losing Isaiah with the screaming baby suffering due to his mother’s drug habit. He was the classic crack baby: disruptive, troubled, and fictional. Crack babies aren’t a real thing Yes, some children were exposed in utero to cocaine, but there is no…

About Alicia B

Alicia lives and took a semester of photography in a small college town that often challenges her resolve to live as simply and as stress-free as possible. When she’s not working, rereading the same children’s books, cooking, or wondering how crunchy she’s become, she’s busy updating her site, You can follow her on facebook.

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10 Black Mommies of Special Needs Kids Who Are Documenting Their Experience on Social Media

The Mahogany Way As the mother of a child with special needs I know how important  it is to have a supportive network around you. This list was a bit harder to put together than I thought it would be, but with your help(thank you!) I was able to compile a nice list of…


About Darcel

Darcel is a single Mama to Three. She writes about her Motherhood journey, their Unschooling lifestyle, and raising a child with Autism at The Mahogany Way. You can follow along with her behind the scenes at MahoganyWayMama on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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