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10 Tips for Potty Training On The Go and In Public Restrooms

Potty training at home can be a stressful task.  Going out and using public restrooms can add another hurdle to an already strenuous task.  If you are like me, you try to avoid public restrooms altogether, they can be smelly, dirty and just plain ole nasty.  However when you have little ones it is very…


About Angele

Angele is a wife to a wonderful creative husband, mother to two beautiful intelligent daughters and lover of art, education and laughter. She is the creator and author of ABC remix

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My Toddler is Potty Training and I’m Not Ready

I’m pretty certain in the coming weeks, I’m going to buy my baby some big boy underwear, but I don’t wanna. I do want my child to potty train, but I can’t believe it’s happening already. He’s on a regular schedule. He’s been staying dry for long stretches. He knows the words for using the…

About Alicia B

Alicia lives and took a semester of photography in a small college town that often challenges her resolve to live as simply and as stress-free as possible. When she’s not working, rereading the same children’s books, cooking, or wondering how crunchy she’s become, she’s busy updating her site, You can follow her on facebook.

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