Your Baby’s Room

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Nothing carries more joy into a home than the birth of a child. Because every nook or cranny in your house is a reflection of you: your daily routine, moods, and most importantly, personality. Your baby’s room then should ultimately be an expression of the delight your newest little angel brings.

Your Baby’s Room

While the chief resident in every nursery is your baby, it is important to make sure that you are happy in this space as well. Looking after your infant entails many late nights and hurried mornings, and a peaceful, soothing space can ultimately help you deal with the inevitable stress with a calmer disposition that you need to have in order to care for your child. The room should be a happy nook for all involved.

Baby-proofing the area is a priority. The most important order of business in creating the perfect abode for your tot is always security. Before going out on a limb, shopping for adorable cribs and whimsical accessories, make sure you do a thorough safety check. Inspect furniture for sharp edges and discard toys that your child can put in his mouth. Also, chuck any linen that can potentially cause allergies and itching.

Remember too, that while you may want your babies to stay the way they are forever, they do grow up at a rapid pace. Incorporating permanent fixtures such as built-in furniture and thematic motifs can easily become boring and tiresome. It is best to consider pieces and designs that can weather the growing years without losing their special appeal.

The first year, in particular are crucial to your child’s development. After birth, your baby will totally be dependent on you. If possible, situate your nursery adjacent to your own bedroom. Even with a caregiver on board, it is important for you to hear his cries and have quick access to his room. You may even want to house his crib in your space for the first few weeks, just until you feel more confident having him in a separate room. Having a nursery allows your baby his first experience at having his very own space. At the same time, it gives you a chance to regain the privacy you had before he was born.

For decoration, you can use ordinary objects as tools. Even your child’s pieces of clothing, when placed on walls, can make for visually interesting accessories. An indoor clothesline offers a fresh twist for your run-in-the-mill hangers. The point here is to go for fun, flexible pieces you don’t have to commit to.

Covering your nursery walls in wallpaper may seem like a good idea until you get tired of its pattern. Stripping the walls and repainting can be expensive so instead of fashioning the space with potentially permanent materials, invest on elements that are easy to switch. Also invest in a storage made for grownups. Instead of buying kid-sized chests and miniature cabinets, opt for adult armoires.

Pieces built to your size keep you from having to hunch over when you’re pulling something out. Make the task effortless and quick for you so that you can immediately attend to your baby when he gets fussy. The best part is that these pieces never lose their functionality!