Black Teens Accepted to Multiple Ivy Leagues, Part 2

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As we enter graduation season, there are many stories being reported of exceptionally bright teens. Of course, there are many incredible and talented students who aren’t the subject of news stories, but it is nice to read the ones that are. This is my second post chronicling black teens who have been accepted to multiple Ivy Leagues. Check out the first post here.


First up are Silver Spring, MD triplets Malik, Ahmad and Khalil Jones, seniors at the private Georgetown Day School in Washington, DC The are all student athletes with a 3.7 GPA, and are deciding between Columbia University and The University of Pennsylvania.

Next up is Patrick Peoples, a senior at The Lyceum Academy in North Carolina of Black and Argentinian descent. He applied to all 8 Ivy League schools, thinking maybe had a chance of getting into just one. He was accepted to 7, on top of getting acceptance letters from The University of Chicago, Duke and UNC. He says that he has a “big passion for social justice” and plans to study public policy and economics.


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Congrats to these teens — and their parents, who helped to keep them focused and driven.


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