10 Newborn “Essentials” That You Don’t Really Need


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By Kim of 

When it comes to being a first time mommy (!) you believe that you will need EVERYTHING there is to have for your newborn, if not MORE! But not true ladies. If your baby does not have every baby essential I am pretty sure she will not be upset with you. She won’t even know these items exist.

After having four kids, I have been able to narrow down what is a baby essential and what is not. Items that are not essential have either ended up in a closet or are just decoration. I’ve even given some away to friends, and I have to tell you, they came to the same conclusion.

Here are some things I find to be more of a nuisance than an essential;

1. Baby Shoes
Yes I know, they are so cute! But if your newborn is not walking yet, he/she will not need them!!! If your babies are anything like mine they will kick them off or either grow out of them the next day:) A pair of socks or even two pair will do the job. Or better yet a full length onesie that covers their tiny little feet.

2. Baby Mittens
I know these are handy for protecting your little ones from scratching their face but unless they’re attached to a full length onesie, they will fall off because of your baby’s movement.

3. Baby Bath Robes
Aren’t they just adorable? Do you have time to put this on your baby? Please don’t be like me and forget that you didn’t put a pamper on your baby because he was looking so cute in his bath robe. Not to mention, they grow out of these very quickly. I found that full length towels that come with a hood attached do just fine.

4. Changing Table
I may have used this once to change my baby. Oh wait! I also used it to throw their clothes on top of and even mine and my husband’s stuff because it was there. A changing mat will do just fine. You can fold it up and take it with you where ever you go. This way you won’t have to leave one room to go to another to change your baby.

5. Expensive Themed Bedding and Decor
I always wondered if this was really for the baby or the parent! All the hard work put into a room will inevitably change as your baby grows. Neutral colors work best for paint and bedding. This way you are free to change it up as they get older. Keep it simple!

6. Baby Wipe Warmer
Really??? Can you whip this out while on the road? Besides, I found that a cold wipe will help with waking your baby up when its time for feedings.

7. Baby Genie
When left in the room for more than a couple days it emits a terrible funk. Its better to just stick with the old fashion way…tie that little bomber in a plastic bag and chuck it in the bathroom or kitchen garbage.

8. Baby Nail Clippers
Can you imagine mistakenly clipping your precious darling skin as oppose to their nails? I can and have! I find that a soft nail file will do the job safer and more effectively.

9. Lanolin
Now this stuff actually works! But don’t buy more than you really need. Nine times out of ten you will leave with some from the hospital (please ask if they don’t offer) and once the phase of chapped sore nipples are over with, you will still have some left over from the hospital. Besides a little goes a long way.

10. Bottle Warmer
These are cool if you don’t mind waiting while your precious little one is screaming in the background. I found that bottles made on the spot at room temperature (from formula) work just fine. It also makes it easier when you’re on the road because… where are you going to stop to warm up the bottle?

Of course, individual needs vary. These are all based on my personal experiences. All the things listed have been used once or twice, then ultimately ended up in a closet somewhere. When you really think about it, all your newborn will really care about and want anyway is their mother’s touch, comfort and most importantly that Mommy Love!

What “baby essentials” didn’t work for you. Please do share!

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